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New Corvette Stingray Convertible, She’s hot and she knows it 0

2014-Chevrolet-Stingray-Convertible-7[2]During the recent motor show in Geneva, one of the hot head turners is the convertible version of the 2014 Corvette Stingray. That car is hot and she knows all eyes were on her.

According to Chevrolet the 2014 Corvette Stingray, the vehicle was set to have a convertible model right from the start of the design process. Because of this, the convertible version has only several structural differences from the coupe version. The convertible has a space allotted for its folding top plus the mounts for the seat belts were also repositioned.

The two versions of the Corvette Stingray has almost the same power to weight ratio because of the structural similarity. The open top experience for the convertible does not have significant effects on the car’s design, performance, and technologies.

The convertible Corvette Stingray has a fully automatic roof that can be easily closed or opened even while cruising at speeds of 50 kilometers an hour.

Just like its sibling coupe, the convertible comes with the new V-8 that gives out 450 horses and has a torque of 450 lb-ft. This powerful engine with a displacement of 6.2 liters is coupled with an automatic transmission or a seven-speed manual gearbox. The power of the engine is transferred to the rear wheels.

If you are planning to buy this convertible, you can also opt for the Z51 Performance Package that will come with several upgrades like aerodynamic elements; brake, transmission, and differential cooling; dry-sump oil system; and an improved limited-slip differential.

Both version of the Corvette Stingray will come to showrooms before the end of 2013.

Who does not want one, right? We are still waiting for the official pricing of this beautiful automotive creation.

Review: 2013 BMW 7-Series 0


Building on the reputation of BMW’s flagship carriers, the refreshed 2013 7-Series sports the best features and technologies of the German brand. Its configuration touches the realm of the super-luxurious rides.

You might notice the facelift from afar but the most important updates were done by BMW inside. The BMW 7-Series comes with a new line of V-8 engines including a hybrid version, updated seat design, and interior upgrades. Buyers will also enjoy the 8-speed automatic gearbox used across the different iterations.

The new BMW 7-Series has an improved interface for its iDrive. The latest version of the iDrive is far different from its previous releases that were quite confusing and clunky. The new interface is packed with features and easier to use.
All models of the 7-Series are equipped with air suspension with dynamic damping that allows the driver to switch between ride qualities.

There are three engine trims plus a hybrid version for the 2013 BMW 7-Series.

The six-cylinder twin turbo powerplant is used for the 740i and its long wheelbase siibling the 740Li. This engine can output 330 horses and a torque of 330 lb-ft.

The 4.4L V-8 can be found under the hood of the 750i and the 750Li. This powerplant cranks out 540HP and a torque of 538 lb-ft. The BMW 760Li depends on a V-12 that vrooms out 537 horses.

The V-12 and the V-8 equipped 7-Series blast from 0 to 60 miles an hour in just around four seconds or so despite weighing 4,000 lbs.

The 2013 version of the ActiveHybrid7 combines electric motors with the V-6 powerplant. This version will roll out by mid-year. We still do not have the specifications for it but we should hear from BMW before its official launch.

As you can expect from the BMW flagship, it is packed with high-tech gears focusing on improving the ride’s safety. Buyers will enjoy the technologies of the Driver Assistance Package that includes lane departure warning, automatic headlamps, and blind-spot detection. There is also the Enhanced Cruise Control.

MR Car Design squeezes out 50HP more from the Mazda3 MPS 0

Mazda3-MPS-MR-Car-DesignGerman tuning firm MR Car Design recently announced their new performance setup for the Mazda3 MPS sold in the European markets. This car is known in the United States as the MazdaSpeed3.

The upgrade will only cost Mazda3 MPS owners 699 euros or about $905. The price will allow the MR Car Design to work on the ECU, reprogram it and boost its output to 307 horses from the original 256hp output.

The styling house also offers a custom exhaust setup with or without a catalytic converter. MR Car Design also throws in an intercooler, a new set of Qxigin rims hugged by performance tires, and a coilover suspension by KW. The team also has its custom decal set for the sporty hatchback.

The prices for these upgrades have not been announced by MR Car Design. We will update you as soon as we get word.

Rumor: Bentley poised to unwrap concept sports car in Paris 0

An unnamed insider leaked to the press that luxury car manufacturer is set to unwrap a new concept sports car during this year’s auto show in Paris that is set to kick off this September.

The initial information did not release specific details about the concept vehicle but the source explained that the the vehicle will underscore the sporting dreams of the brand. Most likely it will be the sportiest car that will don the badge of the British car manufacturer since the Hunaudieres concept back in 1999.

A few months back, Wolfgang Duerheimer, CEO of Bentley, revealed that the carmaker has been considering sports car concepts before but had to decide to go towards a different direction because of different market conditions. They decided to go a different path with the EXP 9 F because it will be on a head on collision with the 911, which of course the brand does not want to happen.

It is still not clear if Bentley or the VW Group that has control of Porsche will be putting on spotlight a concept sports car that will be in a category different from that of the 911′s.

Mercedes presents the Viano Vision Diamond in Beijing 0

Mercedes-Viano-Vision-DiamondA lot of companies are pimping out vans to turn them into very luxurious rides and most of them try to come close to the standards of the Mercedes Viano. Mercedes might have thought why not do this themselves, so they tweaked the classiest van in the market right now and surprised everyone in Beijing as they presented the Viano Vision Diamond.

The Vision Diamond special edition Viano has a unique paint job using a two tone combo of diamond white below and black on top while a gold line divides the two colors. The front grille of the Viano comes in black while, the 5-spoke rims in two-tone, and the brake calipers has a gold Mercedes-Benz logo.

Luxury vans though are more of the interior rather than a flashy exterior. So this ride from Mercedes has some fantastic elements built in like the mood lighting of the interior called Magic Sky that can be controlled by the passenger with a click of a button.

The front cabin has seats and door panels covered with nappa leather. Leather also dominates the steering wheel, A and B pillars, gear shift, and the instrument panel.

The area for the passengers is built for VIPs featuring weather controls, calf benches, footrests, plus massage features. The area also boasts of cup holders and Champagne flute holders. There is also a cooling system for the bottle retainer where you put the Champagne.

The Viano Vision Diamond is also equipped with a high tech sound system by Bang & Olufsen aptly called BeoLiving Viano. This entertainment system can be linked with the iPhone4 or the iPad2. The passengers can also control the sound system and the lighting using these gadgets. By the way, the ride also has a 40 inch screen which can be used for TV viewing, video conferences, and surfing the web.

The passengers can talk to their chauffeur via an intercom.

Ford unwraps GT500 Shelby Mustang with soft top 0

2013-Ford-Shelby-GT500-ConvertibleDuring the Chicago auto show, Ford pulled the wraps off the Shelby GT500 MY 2013 convertible version. When they rolled out the 4-seat convertible 650 horsepower that can go nearly 200 miles per hour, the brand entered into a unique niche which it only shares with the faster Continental GTCs of Bentley and somehow the XKR-S Convertible from Jaguar.

Looking at the numbers, the ride will be more powerful than the original F1 of McLaren and according to the American carmaker it will be the most potent V8 in production in the auto world today.

The convertible GT500 shares the powerful engine with its sibling the GT500 coupe. The monster engine was mutated to a 5.8L coupled with a supercharger, new heads and block, improved camfshaft, and a carbon fiber driveshaft.

The SVT team of Ford also upgraded the transmission, clutch, and the axle to make sure everything runs up to the high standards.

If you want to have this GT500 convertible in your garage, you need to write a check for $65,000 which is about 41,000 British Pounds. Is it worth it? Let us just say that you cannot find anything likeit if you are looking at the soft-top segment of the market. The GT500 convertible gives you every value of the money you are willing to pay for it, and returns with that vrooom which can certainly make you smile every time you ride it.

Why Was the Mazda MX-3 So Popular in Canada? 0

The MX-3 model from Mazda was one of the most popular in Canada and the reasons for that are quite understandable. This car had many good features and the advantages of owning one were clear to many Canadians.

Red Mazda mx-3One reason that the Mazda MX-3 was so popular in Canada is that it was the first redesigned style of the car for the time period. This new look starting in 1992 gave the car a modern appearance and it was distinctly anything but the box-like form that the previous model had.

One of the main advantages of owning a Mazda MX-3, however, was the fact that it was a sports coupe that could hold up to four passengers. This made it extremely popular among Canadians who wanted something that not only looked good and was sporty, but which was also practical.

The Mazda MX-3 also has different engines to choose from, including a six cylinder one that had a great top speed and acceleration rate. This engine was one of the best of its kind during the years this particular model of Mazda was being produced and it attracted many people to the car.

On top of all that, in 1993 a limited Special Edition Mazda MX-3 was sold only in Canada to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mazda in the country. This special edition car had a lot of great features, like a V6 engine, leather interior and custom 15” wheels. Only a couple thousand of these cars were sold and that only increased the popularity of this model in Canada.

Aston Martin DB9 – The Most Beautiful Car Ever Made 1

The Aston Martin DB9 which was first introduced to the market in 2003 is considered by many to be the most beautiful car ever made and there are several sound reasons to back up that claim. Basically, everything about this model is excellent and there are a couple variants of this car to choose from, as well as improvements made to the models manufactured during the production times. This super car is still being made today and unlike other cars from Aston Martin is more readily available since more of the DB9 have been produced.

The beautiful Aston Martin DB9 is categorized as a grand tourer. This sports car is made of only the best materials available for the interior and the exterior. The inside is pure luxury, while the outer appearance is simple and elegant. The chassis is lighter than for other cars in this class due to the construction made of bonded aluminum. The Aston Martin DB9 successfully integrated the classic Aston Martin looks with modern features to create a flowing look to the car.

aston martin db9

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Rumor: Baby Toyota FT-86 being developed 1

According to the automotive grapevine, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is now thinking about releasing a baby version of FT-86 sports car. ft-86 ToyotaThe Baby FT-86 is rumored to carry Toyota’s 3SZ-VE engine, which is a 1.5-liter inline-4. The engine can generate 109 bhp of power. This new car is set to rival Honda CR-Z and other models in that range. The announced working price will also be at least $5000 cheaper than the standard FT-86.

There are still very scarce information about the new car, but the launch is slates some time in 2012. However, no official announcements have been made by Toyota yet. Meanwhile, the FT-86 sports car will go on sale on 2011.  The price tag isn’t fixed yet, but the company did say that it’s going to be only slightly pricier than $20,000. Earlier, Toyota promised consumers that it will be selling the FT-86 lover that $20,000.

It seems that the Japanese car manufacturer underestimated its production costs, though. The FT-86 concept was first introduced in 2009, and is the much-anticipated successor to AE86. The two-door rear-driven sports car received a warm welcome when it was launched in the Geneva Motor Show recently.

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Porsche 911 GT2 by Switzer Performance hits 911 horsepower 0

911bhp PorscheSwitzer Performance recently released their tweaked version of the Porsche 911 GT2.

The version of Switzer was pumped up to output 911 horsepower or about 291 hp better than what the recently unveiled GT2 RS can give out. The 911 figure is not a coincidence but a good iteration of the Porsche 911.

Everything about the Switzer R911S kicks off from the P800 GT2 kit of the Ohio based tuning firm, and everything else moves forward from there. Engineers say that they were able to tap into the 911 hp potential of the car because of their massive in-house intercoolers and they also mentioned about racing fuel.

The suspension of the vehicle was also reworked using titanium front strut and a suspension reservoir from JRZ. The springs are also hand selected.

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