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Are We Looking At the Bat Mobile? A Look at the Bugatti-Delahaye Hybrid 1

Someone’s going to Gotham City with these wheels. When Terry Cook, owner of Deco Rides in New Jersey, expressed his desire to create “something special”, we knew there were going to be snags along the way.

delahayeThe owner of the company that generates bodies for Gen II Boattail Speedsters wanted something “along the lines” of a Delahaye and a Bugatti. This meant that the project was going to be extremely expensive. Second, Cook didn’t want to cut an original.

What Cook did was to work from one of the composite bodies he already had. Then, he modified the details radically to incorporate the design ideas (already belonging to past cars) in his “vision”. While the core body was created by cook and Chip Foose some eight years ago, a lot of other design details were drawn from classic automobiles.

For example, the enclosed pontoon fenders in the body were notably drawn from a 30s Delahaye. The grille of the vehicle is also a chopped replica of the Type 57 line. Right on top of the radiator, you will also find a replica of the Hispano Suiza stork, while the vents on each rocker panel were steel-stamped and welded in to place.

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Volkswagen aims #1 spot by 2018, discloses plans for a Jetta Hybrid by 2012 1

Volkswagen is determined to be the leader of the pack by 2018 and that can only be done if they lead the automotive world in every possible segment including the pack of EVs and hybrids. Recently Volkswagen disclosed plans of making electric powertrains, and it is planning to expand its range of electric vehicles in the next few years.

Volkswagen Green CarThe hybrid technology of Volkswagen is featured at the Geneva Motor Show through the Touareg Hybrid. Next year, VW will test run about 500 electric powered Golfs across the globe.

The EV onslaught of Volkswagen will muscle its way in the segment with the hybrid version of the Jetta coming to North America by 2012. Insiders also tipped us about a mini-EV that will be launched by 2013. The small car will derive inspiration from the concept car E-Up unveiled last year. The small electric car will be the first mass production EV of the brand that will be trailed by the Golf and Jetta in EV configuration. The Passat will eventually follow suit.

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Details Released: Lexus unveils 2011 CT 200h in Geneva 0

Lexus released the details about its new compact hybrid the 2011 CT 200h that is to be unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The small green car will go through the production pipe by the end of the year and will be sold across their global market. This means that the CT 200h will most likely be showcased at your local dealerships.

The Japanese automaker aims to magnet a younger and new segment of customers to revamp their current client base which is considered to be the oldest in the industry. The CT 200h is strategically packed with funky features from the hybrid technology, gadgets, and multi-function interface called Remote Touch in the interior.

The development of the CT 200h had Lexus thinking about their market in Europe and possible rivals like the A3 by Audi and 1-Series by BMW in mind. The design lines of the hybrid are very similar to the ones used by their concept car LF Ch that was uncovered last year. The LF Ch featured Lexus elements and a 5-door body setup.

Lexus explains that the CT 200h will be using a new platform that uses MacPherson strut up front with a new anti-roll bar. The rear makes use of a trailing arm and a double wishbone setup.

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