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Volkswagen aims #1 spot by 2018, discloses plans for a Jetta Hybrid by 2012 1

Volkswagen is determined to be the leader of the pack by 2018 and that can only be done if they lead the automotive world in every possible segment including the pack of EVs and hybrids. Recently Volkswagen disclosed plans of making electric powertrains, and it is planning to expand its range of electric vehicles in the next few years.

Volkswagen Green CarThe hybrid technology of Volkswagen is featured at the Geneva Motor Show through the Touareg Hybrid. Next year, VW will test run about 500 electric powered Golfs across the globe.

The EV onslaught of Volkswagen will muscle its way in the segment with the hybrid version of the Jetta coming to North America by 2012. Insiders also tipped us about a mini-EV that will be launched by 2013. The small car will derive inspiration from the concept car E-Up unveiled last year. The small electric car will be the first mass production EV of the brand that will be trailed by the Golf and Jetta in EV configuration. The Passat will eventually follow suit.

Volkswagen is eyeing a 3% share of the market for electric vehicles by 2018. They plan to achieve this by injecting the EVs to the high-volume, mainstream market instead of keeping the electric cars in their niche status.

The one that we have here is a picture of a new compact VW coupe concept that serves as preview to the next gen Jetta that will use a compact hybrid system.

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  1. admin

    2010/10/16 at 8:54 PM

    Volkswagen is doing so well these last few years; I’m a fan!


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